Reviews are always a great way to evaluate a book.  Below are some reviews of Dede’s book, Student Teaching: The Inside Scoop from a Master Teacher.
“Whether in the classroom or the theater, or on the golf course, Dede Rittman is a passionate, energetic, and engaging educator. Her words of wisdom, reflecting years of experience, will inspire new teachers and veterans alike.” Barbara W. Mellett, Ph.D.
Principal, Quaker Valley School District
“Great teachers are called into the vocation of teaching. They enter the profession in possession of a certain wisdom that informs their science of effective teaching. Dede Rittman is one such master teacher. She blends the art and science of teaching and flavors it with a vast array of experiences from inside and outside the classroom. Whether it was teaching English, drama or golf, Ms. Rittman was always on a soulful journey to reach the core of her students where real knowledge resides. You will enjoy the many gems of insight in this special book and your students will benefit from them.” Charles P. Erdeljac, Ph.D.
Former Superintendent of Schools at Riverview S.D. in Oakmont and former Principal at Hampton High School and North Allegheny Intermediate High School
“Dede Rittman is a master teacher with expert advice for future educators. She has guided my teaching career and inspired me to be a teacher after her example. She has touched the lives of countless students (and student teachers!) – her wisdom makes this book a priceless resource for future teachers.”Ken Moser 12th Grade English Teacher
Blackhawk High School (Dede’s former student teacher)
“Dede Rittman has written a positive and comprehensive booklet of immeasurable value to any teacher, new or experienced , that wishes to validate their reason for choosing teaching and learning as a career . Upon finishing my review, I felt as if it was a part of me and my years in education. The most important part of teaching and learning is to constantly be a part of it and Dede has described it to perfection. Read what she tells you, apply it, and enjoy the love of teaching.”Campbell Witherspoon. Jr.
Teacher/Headmaster(Jr.School)Shady Side Academy;Headmaster,Colorado Academy Lower/Middle Schools; North Allegheny Schools Administration- Gifted Coordinator for the NA District, Assistant Principal at North Allegheny Intermediate H.S.; Principal, Franklin Elementary School.
“The most important profession in the world is teaching. It is the cornerstone to building a dynamic and thoughtful citizenry. Without great teachers, a democracy cannot endure. Master teachers like Dede Rittman have the unique responsibility to share their wisdom and insight so future educators may continue to positively impact future generation of students. In this book, Ms. Rittman has done a wonderful job of opening a window into the trials and tribulations facing educators. She shares with the reader her 37 years of first-hand accounts with insightful stories that will bring joy to your heart, and maybe even a tear to your eye. Her book is a must read for aspiring teachers and anyone else interested in finding out what teaching is all about.”Dr. Brendan Hyland, D. Ed.
Principal North Allegheny Intermediate High School; former teacher and Assistant Principal, Mt. Lebanon School District
“I have performed many roles in multiple careers during my life: stage actor, classroom teacher, motivational speaker, professor, and clinician. I know what it takes to be “on your game.” During that wonderful year of student teaching under the mentorship of Dede Rittman, I was amazed at what I didn’t know about how to impress and inspire young teenage minds. With her positive energy, enthusiasm and creative approach to her time-tested methods of classroom management and teaching, Dede would inspire even the most unmotivated teenager to learn and have fun while doing it. Dede’s reputation throughout the school was that of one who truly cared about all of her “bunnies,” and it is for this quality among so many others that students, far removed from her storied classroom, remember her fondly as “The Bunny Teacher.”Tammy Backeris
Adjunct Professor Community college of Allegheny County, Speech 101; Faculty/Staff- the Civic Light Opera Academy of Musical Theatre, teaching Acting, Voice, Speech, Monologue Workshops: Director of CLO Summer Acting Camps; Partner/Director- AccuQuest Hearing Centers (Dede’s former student teacher)
“Some people are born to do one special thing on this Earth. God gave Dede Rittman life so she could teach. She is a source of inspiration to colleagues and students alike. Dede’s dedication, enthusiasm, and passion represent what is good and right about public education. She is a shining example as to what student teachers should aspire to over their career. This book provides the reader insight into the heart and soul that develop an excellent classroom educator. If you are an aspiring teacher, this book is your ticket to long term success.”Rev. Jason R. Harding, M.Ed., D.D., Ph.D.
North Allegheny School District Administration, Gannon University Education Department Graduate Professor, and President of the Harding Random Acts of Kindness Non-Profit Foundation
“Now and then in the course of a career, one may be lucky enough to meet an educator who possesses an extraordinary gift for the art and science of teaching. I was fortunate, not only to meet such an educator, but to work with her for sixteen years. Dede Rittman, in her work as a teacher and coach, possesses the ability to blend the highest of professional knowledge with a wit and humor that has kept her students engaged and her colleagues in awe. Now you are fortunate to read and learn from the best. Read, learn, and most of all enjoy the journey.”Lawrence Bozzomo Ed.D.
Former Superintendent of Schools at Manhassett, NY., North Allegheny School District, and Lower Moreland School District
“Dede Rittman is as passionate about teaching today as she was during her 37 years in the classroom! She was that “larger than life” teacher that her students would remember fondly long after high school was over. She was an accomplished educator who knew her students as individuals and set high but attainable goals for them. Her room was a haven for those students who needed a warm, caring atmosphere in which to learn and to practice their new skills. Dede helped her students experience success and then empowered them to build on their accomplishments. That might explain why her theater classes were typically peppered with special needs students each semester. With compassion and respect, Dede met them where they were and helped them to develop both socially and academically. She was an inspirational and nurturing teacher. These are among the many reasons that I was pleased to nominate her for Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year honors in 2010.
In addition, Dede was a generous and valued colleague, as well as a rich resource for many new teachers and student teachers over the years. She was always ready to share her innovative ideas and materials. This book is an extension of that generosity. It is her gift to the next generation of teachers who will surely benefit from her insight and experience.”Terry Klein
Retired Teacher of Latin and English
Staff Development Associate
North Allegheny Schools, Pittsburgh, PA
Silver Teacher of Excellence Award 2002; Who’s Who in America’s Teachers; Coca-Cola Educator of Distinction Award Winner; PA Department of Education World Language Advisory Committee; Pennsylvania Governor’s Institute for World Language Educators
“Her enthusiasm is contagious, the students all love her!”Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Inman, Parents of a  special needs student in Dede Rittman’s Introduction to Theater Class

“For the student teacher that first day in the classroom is anxiety provoking at best. And thinking about it, preparing for it and then stepping into the unknown can evoke terror for the uninitiated. That’s when the “Master Bunny Teacher” hops forward and shares the scoop on what to expect, what to do and what not to do. Not only will student teachers get the scoop on student teaching, they’ll get a triple scoop of serious advice, supportive comments and practical strategies that will serve them well as they enter a profession of service to children. Once they get a taste of the inside scoop, they’ll want more. And they can get it in Student Teaching: The Inside Scoop From a Master Teacher. It’s a must read for student teachers who want to start strong and finish successfully!”

Paula A. Calabrese, Ph.D.
Re-tooled School Administrator, Teacher for Life, Knowledge Broker & Educational Consultant, and President, Cardinal Consulting Group, Inc.